Liyawo Holiday Bungalow, a luxurious holiday bungalow in Anuradhapura located at a calm and decent neighbourhood.
We also arrange tours to all the ancient sites within Anuradhapura. Should you wish to study any monument or artifact, libraries and museums are nearby. In a sense Anuradhapura is to Sri Lankans what is to Indians of the Indus valley. Anuradhapura is the glorious beginning of civilization after the rendezvous with aboriginal people in the island. The tanks (man-made lakes) stand out in structure and technique, in that, they were essential to hold water and dispense during the long drawn droughts. Despite the lapse of 2500 years, to date the principal purpose remains the same “conserving water for irrigation and sustenance of life – both man and beast”. What may have changed however are the methods employed in distribution systems as far as for man’s use though wild-animals still drink and use water the way they used from ancient times.
We incorporate all essential services such as a cook, hot water, air conditioning as well as WIFI for a comfortable stay. The quietness surrounding the bungalow and amazing serenity could relax any stress-filled mind. The independence, peace of mind, quietness is very much in place if you had a busy schedule. The place isolates one from crowds and congestion to the degree where tranquility is enjoyed at its best.

Thinking of privacy with your loved ones and a relaxed body and mind after several hours travel...?
Liyawo Holiday Bungalow is the place to be.

Want to be with nature.

An excellent retreat in a peaceful and silent atmosphere with Anuradhapura at your door step.

Excellent Accommodation

We provide what is essential in WiFi, Hot water, Air conditioning as well as cook (if need be)


Responsible security staff stationed at various points to the bungalow, who is at your beck-and- call.

Ideally Situated

In the heart of Anuradhapura, giving ease access to all the historical sites with sight seeing of vast tanks and giant trees...